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‘Want to do more than just change a light bulb? ‘


Corporate or individual social responsibility -


Get in touch, to donate a stand and save lives.



Together we can change lives!

Amy Foundation Changing Lives
Child Welfare PA
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Our team's vision is to see our product used in rural schools, outlying clinics & hospitals, mobile ATM’s, queues for social grants, post offices, police stations, in our prison systems, where they are so desperately needed.

The opportunities for them are endless!

Lets help keep people & communities safe & clean ,
& win the battle against COVID-19.

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Lowest viral retention properties compared to plastic & steel.

Hands free dispensing

Brandable with Massive Marketing Potential

Affordable & Cost Effective

Recyclable & Eco Friendly

Sustainably Sourced

Easy to Assemble & Dismantle

lightweight & mobile

Safe & Simple to use.

Accomodates various bottle sizes

Local Business, Local Economy

Proudly South African



social responsibility

Why choose our product?

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Our product

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Branding & Marketing Potential

Our stand has endless marketing potential

Contact us to brand your stand, & invest in the fight against COVID-19.
Join us to help keep people & communities safe & clean.


• Branding improves recognition
• Branding creates trust
• Branding supports advertising
• Branding builds financial value
• Branding inspires employees
• Branding generates new customers

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F A Q's

1Is the sanitizer & bottle dispenser included with the stand?
No, neither the sanitizer nor the bottle is included with your purchase, however, we do include a useful long nose pump spout with the Hand Sanitizer Stand that makes for a no-mess-no fuss process.
2Does the Sanitizer Stand come assembled?
No, the stand does not come assembled. It will arrive in a flat-pack design, along with a simple & easy to follow instruction leaflet, allowing for a 2-step assembly.
3What kind of Cardboard is used?
Corrugated cardboard is made by joining two sheets of cardboard with a layer of tightly folded cardboard in between. Manufacturers combine these layers to add extra strength and durability. A double walled corrugated cardboard box is both stronger & lighter than paperboard & cheaper to manufacture which makes it an ideal choice for sustainability.
4Is the Cardboard used recyclable?
The average for recycled material in corrugated boxes is 86%. Paper & cardboard can be recycled – though not indefinitely – & paper is now usually sourced from sustainable & responsible forest sources. Most timber from fully-grown trees is used in the construction & furniture industries with paper & cardboard manufacturers, largely using thinnings & even waste from sawmills to source their fibre.
5How long does the Hand Sanitizer Stand last?
Provided the Hand Sanitizer Stand is assembled correctly, & the care instructions are followed, this product can last for up-to +/-10,000 pumps. Testing has been conducted in a factory setting of 30 people & the stand lasted for more than 20 000 pumps.
6How long can Covid-19 last on cardboard?
Cardboard has a lower viral retention than steel and plastic, 24 hours compared to 2-3 days.
7How do you clean the stand?
This stand is hands-free & is operated via the foot pedal. Should you suspect that it may have come into contact with Covid-19, we recommend you isolate the unit for 24 hours before re-using. Please follow the Special Care Instructions on how to treat your Hand Sanitizer Stand to further its life-span.
8What happens if your delivery arrives with your Hand Sanitizer Stand and it has been damaged in transit?
If you are not happy with your product due to damages as a result of shipping, and want a replacement, email us with your name, invoice no, mobile no and a minimum of three clear photographs of the defective/damaged area of the product to and we will arrange an assessment. If our quality assurance team finds that the product is defective/damaged or unsafe, the goods will be replaced. If we discover, in our assessment, that the product is not defective/damaged or unsafe, or that you have not followed the care instructions, you will not be entitled to a replacement. Please ensure that you keep the product in its original packaging and condition, including all attachments, accessories and documentation, and that it is unused. We do not guarantee that you will be automatically replaced. This decision is solely at the discretion of the Quality Assurance team, having reviewed the photographic evidence provided by you, the customer.
9Can you return your stand?
In terms of section 20(3)(a) of the CPA, the consumer has no right of return if, for reasons of public health, a public regulation prohibits the return of those goods. For health and hygiene reasons as well as Covid-19 protocol, we cannot accept any returns.
10How big is the stand and how much does it weigh?
The height is 1150cm x 300cm and weighs 2kg.
11How does one Care for the Product?
Be careful using sharp implements when opening the packages to avoid damaging your product. Apply minimal force when assembling to avoid unwanted damage. At some points of assembly two people may be required. Avoid storing & using your product in wet or damp areas, as this will lead to deterioration & shorten the lifespan of your product. If unwanted spills occur on your product, wipe immediately to avoid long term damage. It is important to store & use your product away from direct heat sources as this may create a fire hazard.
12The MOB stand is 'broken' & pedal does not work.
Please check that should the Insert (Insert B -the housing for the bottle) disconnect from the foot pedal, this will cause the Hand Sanitizer to not work. The bottle will not dispense sanitizer if they are not connected. Connect the 2 parts together again as per the instructions that came with your stand. If the dbl sided tape that came with your stand is no longer working, use heavy duty Dbl sided tape or even a staple or glue gun. Instruction manual can be viewed here.
13The stand is very stiff and does not work smoothly.
Please take a look at the instruction leaflet. Step 6 B & 6 D will help sort this problem out. To also make it move more freely, lift the housing up & down vigorously to loosen it up.
14The housing (that hold the bottle) is not moving up or down.
Make sure you are using the supplied long nose spout that came with your stand. The spout is spring loaded and will automatically jump up once it has been used, enabling the housing to go back to the correct position.
15The supplied long nose spout is not working.
Make sure that you twist the spout anti-clockwise so as to ensure that the spout is able to work freely.
16How can we make the stand more secure if it is outside and it is windy?
In order for you to keep the stand upright in windy conditions, we suggest you stand the stand against a wall as well as place something heavy (a small stone or small brick ) in the bottom flap behind the foot pedal. Ensure that the foot pedal can still work freely.
17I have lost my Instruction leaflet, what do I do?
Please email, and we will email you a copy.
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